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CCR 14 § 4300 – Authority

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California Code of Regulations, Title 14 – Natural Resources, Division 3 – Department of Parks and Recreation

Synopsis: the following regulation states that all regulations from CCR 14 § 4300 to 4701 apply to all lands managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation, namely California State Parks and Beaches…

CCR 14 § 4300 Authority

All sections of Chapters 1 through 8 are adopted pursuant to Sections 5001.5, 5003 and 5008 of the Public Resources Code and apply to all units under control of the Department of Parks and Recreation unless otherwise indicated.

(a) When it is necessary to refer to one or more units under control of the Department of Parks and Recreation by terms other than their classification, the terms "unit of the State Park System," "unit of the State Vehicular Recreation Area and Trail System," or simply "unit" will be used.

(b) A title, where used, does not limit the language of a section.

(c) These sections are severally adopted. If one or more of these sections is deemed invalid, the remaining sections are intended to remain in effect. Where a section herein or rule is amended or repealed, acts and omissions prior thereto may be prosecuted as though such section or rule had not been so amended or repealed.

(d) Special regulations for an area or a subject do not preclude the application of general regulations unless expressly so indicated.

(e) The privilege of any person to be present in any unit under control of the Department of Parks and Recreation is hereby expressly conditioned upon compliance by that person with all applicable laws and regulations. In addition to other penalties prescribed by law, violation of any law or regulation shall subject the violator to ejection from the unit in which the violation occurs.

(f) This provision shall be enforced by peace officers having concurrent jurisdction in any unit in which a violation of regulations may take place.

(g) Nothing contained herein shall be construed to authorize or prohibit any act or acts which are expressly authorized or prohibited by statute of the State of California or by ordinance of a governmental subdivision thereof with concurrent jurisdiction over a unit or units controlled by the Department of Parks and Recreation.


Cal. Code Regs. Tit. 14, § 4300
Note: Authority cited: Sections 5000.5 and 5003, Public Resources Code. Reference: Section 5008, Public Resources Code.

1. Repealer of Chapters 1 and 2 (Sections 4300 through 4920) and new Chapters 1 through 12 (Sections 4300 through 4920) filed 4-7-71; effective thirtieth day thereafter. For history of former sections, see Register 68, Nos. 14, 27; 69, Nos. 6, 27, 43, 50; 70, Nos. 13, 20, 35.

2. Repealer of Chapters 1-9 (Sections 4300-4702, not consecutive) and new Chapters 1-8 (Sections 4300-4701, not consecutive) filed 1-6-77; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 77, No. 2). For former history, see Registers 68, Nos. 14, 27; 69, Nos. 6, 27, 43, 50; 70, Nos. 13, 20, 35; 71, Nos. 15, 49; 72, Nos. 4, 11, 21, 50; 73, Nos. 5, 26, 30, 47; 74, Nos. 25, 38; 75, Nos. 3, 33.

3. Amendment filed 1-28-86; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 86. No. 5).

4. Change without regulatory effect amending first paragraph and adding subsection (a)-(g) designators filed 6-18-96 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 96, No. 25).

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