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Rules for Using Turnpike Service Plazas in Pennsylvania

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Title 67 Transportation, Part II Turnpike Commission, Chapter 601 Traffic Regulations

Synopsis: The following set of rules, adopted by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, address the issue of parking along the Turnpike System, which may include the Service Plazas. These are the only rules that address parking at Service Plazas.

§ 601.6. Parking, stopping, loading or unloading.

 (a)  A vehicle may not be stopped, left standing, parked, loaded or unloaded on a traffic, acceleration or deceleration lane, or on the shoulder adjacent thereto. In case of emergency only, parking, stopping, standing, loading or unloading of a vehicle is permitted on the shoulder to the right of the travel lanes facing with the direction of travel when the wheels of the vehicle and the projecting parts of the body or load are safely off and to the right of the travel lanes. Parking, standing, stopping, loading or unloading on the shoulders is not permitted at:

   (1)  A bridge or structure.

   (2)  In front of a service station between the traffic lanes and the station area.

   (3)  A place where a sign prohibiting is posted.

 (b)  A vehicle otherwise permitted to park off the traffic, deceleration or acceleration lanes may not remain there longer than necessary to meet the emergency. A vehicle will not be permitted to remain anywhere on the Turnpike System longer than 24 hours. A vehicle remaining on the Turnpike System for more than 24 hours will be deemed to be abandoned and may immediately be removed by, or at the direction of, the State Police to the contract garage providing service for that area or to a nearby licensed salvor, at the owner’s expense. The State Police will then promptly notify the registered owner of the vehicle by certified mail of its action, designating the milepost from which the vehicle is removed, the reason for its removal and the location of the contract garage to which it was removed. In the interest of safety, the Commission has the right to immediately remove any vehicle from a portion of the Turnpike traffic lanes, shoulders or other part of the Turnpike System.


   The provisions of this §  601.6 adopted August 5, 1977, effective August 6, 1977, 7 Pa.B. 2196; amended October 29, 1992, effective October 30, 1992, 22 Pa.B. 5321; amended June 23, 2000, effective June 24, 2000, 30 Pa.B. 3175. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (254139) to (254140). 

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