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Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds in Arizona

Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds in Arizona


The Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) has built a couple of dams and reservoirs in Arizona, and these projects all have recreational areas, including campgrounds. However, the ACOE does not administer any of these campgrounds. They instead contracted with other government agencies to manage camping, boating, fishing, etc.

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Burros seen in the hills surrounding Alamo Lake, AZ

Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds in Arizona

The Army Corps of Engineers has thus far only built two projects in Arizona…

  • Alamo Dam & Reservoir – Located about 35 miles east of Parker, AZ. Currently offers the most recreational opportunities.
  • Painted Rock Dam & Reservoir – Located about 25 miles northwest of Gila Bend, AZ. Offers no recreational opportunities. However, there is a BLM campground located one mile away.

Map of Army Corps of Engineers Camping in Arizona

Alamo Dam & Reservoir

While Alamo Dam & Reservoir remains the property of ACOE, the recreation areas are managed by Arizona Department of Parks and Recreation…

  • Alamo Lake Campgrounds– Arizona Department of Parks and Recreation created six (6) separate campgrounds on the east side of Alamo Lake, named Campground A, Campground B, Campground C, etc. All of which are fee-based. Some campgrounds have full hookups, while others are primitive. Reservations are made from AZ State Parks website.
  • BLM Boondocking – Alamo Lake is completely surrounded by BLM Land. Generally speaking, the BLM Lands are located about one (1) mile from the lakeshore. There are numerous campsites located off of Alamo Dam Rd and Wickenburg Rd, both on the east side of the lake.
  • Lakeshore Boondocking – There is an area along the lakeshore, on the east side of the lake, at the end of Wickenburg Rd, where people often boondock. This is technically State Park land, and technically off-limits to camping, however, people have historically gotten away with doing it.

Painted Rock Dam & Reservoir

Painted Rock Dam & Reservoir offers no recreational opportunities. The reservoir itself remains dry throughout much of the year. Visitors are not allowed to access the dam.

  • Painted Rock Petroglyph Site and Campground – There is a developed campground operated by the BLM located about one (1) mile south of the dam along Painted Rock Dam Rd. This is a fee-based campground.
  • BLM Boondocking – While the dam and reservoir is surrounded by BLM land, much of this land has been fenced off and made inaccessible from Painted Rock Dam Rd.

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    • I don’t know which organization built that campground, but I know it is owned by the Town of Kearny. The town had to borrow public funds, perhaps from the State of Arizona, or even from the federal government, and as a result, the campground is required to stay open to the general public.


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