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Dispersed Camping Near Lake Havasu, AZ

Dispersed Camping Near Lake Havasu, AZ

Most dispersed camping near Lake Havasu, AZ is on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management to the north and south of the city. All of it is on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. These are very popular camping areas in the Winter due to close proximity to the Lake.

dispersed camping near lake havasu arizona
Boondockers at Craggy Wash, Lake Havasu, AZ

Dispersed Camping Near Lake Havasu, AZ

The following campsites were selected based on our own experiences camping there and based on popularity with other boondockers…

Craggy Wash

(34.5850, -114.3683) – 8.4 miles to city center – Craggy Wash is a designated dispersed area set aside by the Bureau of Land Management. There are signs posted here with rules for camping, but all of the rules are the standard set of rules for all of Arizona BLM. You drive about 1/4 mile up the wash before you start finding all the other campers, and from that point, you’ll find campers set up for another 1/2 mile. It’s very crowded, but offers beautiful scenery.

Havasu Road

(34.4336, -114.2181) – 9.1 miles to city center – Havasu Road is one of the more popular dispersed camping areas close to Lake Havasu. It’s a dirt road that stretches about 4 miles in length into the desert hills on BLM lands. Most of the camping is found within the first 1/4 mile. It can get trashy due to popularity of campers here, and noise from the highway may be bothersome. If you were to go any further along this road, high clearance 4WD is required.

Standard Wash

(34.4193, -114.1991) – 10.5 miles to city center – Standard Wash is designated as an OHV area by the Bureau of Land Management. Most of the boondocking is found within the first 1/2 mile up the wash. Because it’s an official OHV area, you should expect lots of noise on weekends. The road leading up the wash is bumpy for that first 1/2 mile, and can be soft in some areas, but trailers and motorhomes of all sizes still make their way up.

Lone Tree

(34.6279, -114.3298) – 12.4 miles to city center – Lone Tree is a staging area for OHVs and hikers, but has become a popular place for dispersed camping. Most of the camping is found right off the highway, about 300 feet in. Lots of RVs tend to pack themselves in tight here, and as such you won’t find much privacy. However, it’s popular because its very easy to drive in.

Scenic View BLM

(34.3970, -114.1737) – 12.7 miles to city center – Scenic View BLM is named because it is located on the other side of the highway from a scenic view point (about 200 feet to the north). This area has a dirt road that runs for about 1 mile, but most of the camping is found within the first 1/4 mile. It’s a much smaller area than Havasu Road or Standard Wash, but still popular.

Havasu Heights Road

(34.6627, -114.3078) – 15.3 miles to city center – Havasu Heights Road is still on BLM land, but it’s located along a paved road leading into a small housing development. The camping area is small, but will get crowded during the Winter season. It’s popular because it’s very to get to, though because of the housing development nearby, it may not feel like secluded.

The Steps

(34.3336, -114.1360) – 17.6 miles to city center – The Steps is located on Arizona State Trust Land, and as such, you will be required to obtain a Recreational Permit from the State Land Office. However, most people camping here never obtain these permits, and it seems the State rarely enforces it here. Otherwise, it’s been said this had been an RV park under development that never finished developing. It’s probably the most popular dispersed camping area near Lake Havasu. (Read reviews of The Steps on FreeRoam).

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