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Zion Scenic Byway Dispersed Camping

Zion Scenic Byway Dispersed Camping


Dispersed camping is popular along State Highway 9 east of Zion National Park. Zion Scenic Byway Dispersed Camping is not an officially recognized BLM campground, but just a place where people where people often boondock as a free camping area when visiting Zion National Park. It’s also a popular area for hikers and bicyclers visiting Parunuweap Canyon.

The following map depicts some of the most popular areas when camping at Zion Scenic Byway Dispersed Camping…

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Entrance into the dispersed camping area is from the south along Highway 9. You cannot enter from the north. The road leading into here is heavily rutted and bumpy, but still doable by most vehicles. 4WD is not necessary along BLM Road 1620, but will be necessary if you attempt the other spur roads 1625, 1630, etc.

This area is managed by Utah BLM, Kanab Field Office.

Zion Scenic Byway Dispersed Camping Rules

There are no camping rules specific to this area. General dispersed camping rules for Utah BLM applies…

  • There is a 14-day camping limit.
  • Only travel on designated routes.
  • Camp only in previously disturbed sites or areas.
  • Do not dispersed camp in the vicinity of developed recreation sites such as picnic areas,
    campgrounds or trailheads. Do not camp in livestock watering areas.
  • Do not trench, dig or level your site. Do not cut tree limbs to fit your tent or trailer.
  • Pack out all trash.
  • Collect only dead and down wood; do not cut limbs.
  • Download the full list of dispersed camping rules for UT BLM.
zion scenic byway boondocking
Boondocking at Zion Scenic Byway Dispersed Camping Area

Parunuweap Canyon Wilderness Study Area (WSA)

The northern arm of Parunuweap Canyon is located along BLM Roads 1625, 1630, and 1635. The canyon presents stunning views of rock formations and affords plentiful viewing of mule deer, mountain lion, eagles and hawks. Read more about Parunuweap Canyon.

Our Recommendations

  • If pulling a medium to large trailer, it’s best to stay camped along BLM Road 1620.
  • All roads can get muddy here. If wet, it’s best to avoid this area if you don’t have 4WD.
  • Other spur roads, BLM Road 1625, 1630, etc., should be limited to 4WD, high clearance vehicles. Small trailers are possible.

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