Learn About Boondocking in Utah

Boondocking in Utah!

Boondocking in Utah is a popular way to enjoy the natural beauty and diversity of the state. However, before you head out to find a free camping spot, you need to be aware of the laws and regulations that apply to boondocking in Utah. Different areas have different rules, and some places may not allow boondocking at all. You should always check with the local authorities or land managers before you set up camp. Boondocking in Utah can be a rewarding experience, but only if you respect the land and follow the rules.

Utah Boondocking Laws & Regulations

Boondocking in Utah offers spectacular views of alpine forests and mountains in the north, to red rock desert canyons in the south. Learn the various Utah¬† boondocking laws and regulations…

utah rest area

Utah Rest Area Rules

Is overnight parking permitted at Utah Rest Areas? Can you sleep in your car at a Utah Rest Area? How...

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Utah Boondocking Laws for Specific Jurisdictions

Learn the laws and regulations pertaining to boondocking in Utah for specific national forests, BLM areas, and state-owned lands…

smithsonian butte road camping

Smithsonian Butte Road Dispersed Camping Map, Utah

Smithsonian Butte Road runs south from Rockville, UT, which lies about 15 minutes away from...

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dalton wash road camping

Dalton Wash Road Dispersed Camping Map, Utah

Dalton Wash Road runs north from Virgin, UT into BLM Land, placing campers right up...

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north creek camping, virgin utah

North Creek Dispersed Camping Map, Virgin, UT

North Creek runs alongside Kolob Terrace Rd through the town of Virgin, UT, about 20...

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hurricane cliffs campsite

Hurricane Cliffs Camping Map

Hurricane Cliffs Recreation Area includes a series of fifty-six (56) primitive campsites scattered across a...

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utah state trust land camping

Camping on Utah State Trust Lands

Camping on Utah State Trust Lands is permitted for everyone, and is free of cost....

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Utah Boondocking Guides

Discover places to boondock in Utah with these boondocking guides…

dispersed camping near bryce canyon national park

Dispersed Camping Near Bryce Canyon National Park

Dispersed camping near Bryce Canyon National Park is plentiful within adjacent Dixie National Forest and...

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dispersed camping near zion national park

Dispersed Camping Near Zion National Park

Dispersed camping near Zion National Park is plentiful due to the abundance of surrounding BLM...

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Utah Boondocking News

Read about Utah boondocking and camping closures, changes to laws and regulations, and what’s going on with the Beehive State…

big flat dispersed camping area, fishlake national forest, utah

Big Flat Dispersed Camping Area Under Temporary Closure

Fishlake National Forest in Utah announced today that they will close the entire Big Flat...

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Utah Boondocking Reviews

Read reviews of places to boondock in Utah…