Learn About Boondocking in Idaho

Boondocking in Idaho!

Boondocking in Idaho is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty and diversity of the Gem State. Idaho has more than 3,100 miles of rivers, deep canyons, rugged mountains, and precious stones. Whether you are looking for a lakeside spot, a forested retreat, or a wilderness adventure, you can find it by boondocking in Idaho. However, you should also be aware of the laws and regulations that apply to camping on public lands in Idaho. You can only stay for a limited number of days, depending on the type of land. You also have to respect the environment and the wildlife, and avoid camping near developed areas or trailheads. Boondocking in Idaho can be a rewarding and memorable experience if you follow these rules and plan ahead.

Idaho Boondocking Laws & Regulations

Learn about the laws and regulations for boondocking in Idaho, whether it’s dispersed camping, developed camping, or overnight parking…

idaho rest area

Idaho Rest Area Rules

Is overnight parking allowed at Idaho Rest Areas? Can you sleep in your car at an Idaho Rest Area? How...

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Idaho Camping Rules for Specific Jurisdictions

Boondocking in Idaho varies depending upon which jurisdiction manages the land you’re camping on…

Camping on Idaho Endowment Lands

The State of Idaho allows camping on all Idaho Endowment Lands, as long as the...

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