Learn About Boondocking in Alaska

Boondocking in Alaska!

Boondocking, or camping without hookups, is a popular way to experience the natural beauty of Alaska. However, before you head into the wilds of the Last Frontier, you should be aware of the laws and regulations specific to camping on public lands in Alaska. You should also respect the wildlife, the environment, and the local communities. Here are some tips to help you plan your boondocking adventure in Alaska.

Alaska Boondocking Laws & Regulations

Alaska boondocking laws and regulations concerning state lands, national forests, BLM land, and overnight parking rules…


Alaska Rest Area Rules

How long can you stay at an Alaska rest area? Can you park overnight at an Alaska rest area? Is...

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Boondocking Laws for Specific Jurisdictions

Laws and rules for specific jurisdictions within Alaska, such as national parks, forests, etc.

deadman lake campground alaska

Free Camping at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge

Vehicle-based camping at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge is allowed only in the two campgrounds found...

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camping at kenai national wildlife refuge

Free Camping at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Both RV and tent camping at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is allowed throughout most of...

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dispersed camping denali national park

Is Dispersed Camping Allowed in Denali National Park?

No, dispersed camping is not allowed in Denali National Park. The National Park Service restricts...

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camping on alaska state trust land

Camping on Alaska State Trust Land

Camping is permitted on all Alaska State Trust lands, but only through the purchase of...

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