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Learn About Boondocking in New Mexico

Boondocking in New Mexico!

Boondocking in New Mexico is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty and diversity of the state. Whether you want to camp in the mountains, the desert, or near a lake, you can find a spot that suits your preferences. However, before you head out, you should be aware of the laws and regulations that apply to boondocking in New Mexico. Dispersed camping and overnight parking in New Mexico can be a rewarding experience if you do it responsibly and safely.

New Mexico Boondocking Laws & Regulations

We’ve assembled some articles discussing the state laws and regulations pertaining to boondocking in New Mexico, including dispersed camping and overnight parking…

new mexico rest area map

New Mexico Rest Area Map

Presented below is a New Mexico Rest Area Map created from data published by the New Mexico Department of Transportation....

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new mexico rest area glenrio

New Mexico Rest Area Rules

Is overnight parking permitted at New Mexico rest areas? Are you allowed to sleep in your vehicle at a New...

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New Mexico Camping Rules for Specific Jurisdictions

Learning about boondocking in New Mexico in specific jurisdictions…

camping on new mexico state trust land

Camping on New Mexico State Trust Lands

The New Mexico State Land Office does not permit “recreational camping” on its trust lands. But, it does support camping...

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