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Learn About Boondocking in Rhode Island

Boondocking in Rhode Island!

Boondocking in Rhode Island is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty and history of the Ocean State. Boondocking, or camping without hookups, allows you to explore remote and scenic locations that are not accessible by RV parks or campgrounds. However, boondocking in Rhode Island also requires some planning and preparation, as there are laws and regulations for boondocking in Rhode Island that you need to follow. In this page, we will give you some tips and advice on how to boondock safely and legally in Rhode Island, and share some of the best places to camp for free or cheap in this state.

Rhode Island Boondocking Laws & Regulations

It’s not easy finding places for boondocking in Rhode Island. Make sure to review the laws and regulations for dispersed camping and overnight parking…

rhode island rest area

Rhode Island Rest Area Rules

How long can you stay at a rest area in Rhode Island? Does Rhode Island allow overnight parking at its...

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rhode island rest area map

Rhode Island Rest Area Map

This is a map of all rest areas in Rhode Island. These are only rest areas, parking areas, and welcome...

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