Learn About Boondocking in Pennsylvania

Boondocking in Pennsylvania!

Boondocking in Pennsylvania is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty and history of this state. Boondocking, also known as dry camping or dispersed camping, means camping without hookups or amenities, usually on public lands. Boondocking in Pennsylvania offers many opportunities for adventure, from exploring the Appalachian Trail to visiting the birthplace of the American Revolution. However, boondocking in Pennsylvania also requires some planning and preparation, especially when it comes to the laws and regulations for boondocking in Pennsylvania. In this page, we will give you some tips and resources on how to boondock safely and legally in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Boondocking Laws & Regulations

When boondocking in Pennsylvania, you’ll want to know about the state specific laws and regulations on dispersed camping and overnight parking…

pennsylvania rest area rules

Pennsylvania Rest Area Rules

How long can you stay at a Pennsylvania rest area? Is overnight parking allowed at rest areas in Pennsylvania? Can...

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