Learn About Boondocking in Oregon

Boondocking in Oregon!

Boondocking in Oregon is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty and diversity of this state. Whether you want to camp by the coast, in the mountains, or in the low lands, you can find a spot to park your RV or trailer for free or low cost. However, boondocking in Oregon also comes with some challenges and responsibilities. You need to be aware of the laws and regulations for boondocking in Oregon, as well as the best practices for leaving no trace. In this article, we will give you some tips and resources for boondocking in Oregon safely and respectfully.

Oregon Boondocking Laws & Regulations

The state’s laws and regulations on dispersed camping and overnight parking will affect your choice for finding boondocking sites in Oregon…

oregon rest area map

Oregon Rest Area Map

The Oregon Rest Area Map presented below was created from geospatial data and official state road maps published by the...

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oregon rest area

Oregon Rest Area Rules

Is overnight parking permitted at an Oregon Rest Area? How many hours can you stay at an Oregon Rest Area?...

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Oregon Camping Rules for Specific Jurisdictions

Camping in specific jurisdictions of Oregon come with unique laws and regulations for boondocking…

camping on oregon state trust land

Camping on Oregon State Trust Lands

Camping on Oregon State Trust Lands is open to everyone and is free of cost. The Oregon Department of State...

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Oregon Boondocking Guides

Discover places to boondock in Oregon…

dispersed camping near crater lake national park

Dispersed Camping Near Crater Lake National Park

There is plenty of dispersed camping near Crater Lake National Park because its almost entirely surrounded by Fremont Winema National...

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