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Where to Find Free Camping at Tetlin NWR

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Vehicle-based camping at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge is allowed only in the two campgrounds found within its boundaries. Both located off the Alaska Highway, these campgrounds are easy to access for any vehicle, and both are free of cost. They can accommodate large sized RVs and everything else down to motorcycles and tents.

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Camping at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge

Tetlin NWR’s two developed campgrounds are among the most popular accommodations along the Alaska Highway between the Canada Border and the town of Tok, AK. They both offer easy access from the highway, and both are free.

  • Both campgrounds offer hardpacked gravel roads, easily accessible for any vehicle.
  • Large sites can accommodate full sized rigs all the way down to motorcycle campers.
  • There are no hookups; strictly dry camping
  • Pit toilets, fire rings, picnic tables, interpretative walks, and canoe rentals make these campgrounds a great place to rest for several days.
  • Campgrounds open in the spring when roads are cleared of snow (usually in April), and they remain open until late autumn when campground roads are still passable (usually October).

Permits and Reservations

Permits and licenses are not needed for camping. Reservations are not allowed at Tetlin NWR’s campgrounds. It’s first-come, first-serve.


Boondocking and dispersed camping is not allowed at Tetlin NWR, with the exception of snowmobiles in the winter and designated tent camping sites along trails. Otherwise, all camping is restricted to the two campgrounds.

Maximum Camping Stay

14-days maximum stay within a 28-day period applies to all of Tetlin NWR. Once you’ve reached the 14-day limit, you cannot camp anywhere in the refuge until the 28-day period has expired.


Campfires are restricted to campsites at each campground. Campers may collect wood from dead standing trees and dead downed wood.

Quiet Hours and Firearms

Quiet hours are set from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. Firearms may not be discharged within 1/4 mile from the campground (state law). Fireworks are prohibited in campgrounds.

Map of Campgrounds at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge


Sources for the above information come from Tetlin NWR official website.

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