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Dalton Wash Road runs north from Virgin, UT into BLM Land, placing campers right up close to the border of Zion National Park. This is a popular destination due to “Guacamole Trail” which starts here. We put together a Dalton Wash Road dispersed camping map depicting the three most popular camping areas along Dalton Wash Road.

This map depicts all the popular boondocking and dispersed camping locations at the end of Dalton Wash Road…

Campsites depicted in the map above are not official campsites designated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). They are simply locations where people often boondock or disperse camp, and where the BLM has historically allowed camping to continue.

There are no camping fees, permits, or passes required to camp at Dalton Wash Road.

Dalton Wash Road Dispersed Camping Areas

Dispersed camping areas on Dalton Wash Road are found at the end of the road. The road is well-graded and suited for all vehicles up until you arrive at the dispersed camping area.

Gnats, flies, and ants are a huge problem here! Be prepared with bug repellent and ant sprays.

Warning: The last 1/4 mile of Dalton Wash Road ascends up to Guacamole Mesa and can be narrow and steep. We advise only 4WD drive trucks pulling small to medium sized trailers, or smaller 4WD vans and SUVs approach.

  • Dalton Wash – This is the main area where most campers set up, and can provide space for a dozen rigs.
  • Dalton South – This site gets you right up close to the border of Zion National Park, though there are no roads into the park from here.
  • Dalton Cliffs – This area is recommended only for high clearance vehicles, small trailers are possible.

Dalton Wash Road Camping Rules

The BLM has not set any specific camping rules for areas along Dalton Wash Road. Utah BLM rules apply (download official document)

  • There is a 14-day camping limit while occupying any campsite on BLM-managed lands.
  • Only travel on designated routes. Check with local offices for off-roading information.
  • Camp only in previously disturbed sites or areas.
  • Do not dispersed camp in the vicinity of developed recreation sites such as picnic areas,
  • campgrounds or trailheads. Do not camp in livestock watering areas.
  • Do not trench, dig or level your site. Do not cut tree limbs to fit your tent or trailer.
  • Pack out all trash.

Campfire Rules

Utah BLM offers the following recommendations for campfires while dispersed camping…

  • Be aware of any current fire restrictions listed on www.utahfireinfo.gov.
  • Use existing fire rings or use a fire pan.
  • Collect only dead and down wood; do not cut limbs.
  • Do not leave fires unattended.
  • Drown and stir your campfire before you go to bed or leave your site.

Guacamole Trail

This popular hiking and bicycling trail begins here at the end of Dalton Wash Road. From the trailhead you can head south right up to the border of Zion National Park, or you can head north towards a loop encircling Open Sky Resort. Read more about Guacamole Trail.

Our Advice for Camping along Dalton Wash Road

  • Only 4WD vehicles should attempt to camp here due to the last 1/4 mile of ascent. Small to medium sized trailers only.
  • Bring plenty of insect repellent and ant sprays. Bugs are a huge problem here.

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