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Hurricane Cliffs Recreation Area includes a series of fifty-six (56) primitive campsites scattered across a mesa east of La Verkin, UT and south of Virgin, UT. Camping at Hurricane Cliffs is restricted to just these 56 sites. This Hurricane Cliffs camping map presents the location of each of these campsites, including GPS coordinates. Learn more about Hurricane Cliffs camping below.

Hurricane Cliffs Camping Map and Rules

This map depicts all fifty-six (56) of the official campsites at Hurricane Cliffs Recreation Area, La Verkin, UT…

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Tent Campsite

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RV Campsite

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Group Campsite

Note: Even though the majority of campsites are labeled, “Tent Campsite”, the Bureau of Land Management does not kick RVers out of these sites.

Free Camping at Hurricane Cliffs

Hurricane Cliffs Recreation Area offers numerous hiking trails and primitive campsites located just 30 minutes away from Zion National Park, south entrance. It’s one of the most popular places for free camping in Utah, and is managed by the Utah BLM, St. George Field Office. There are no camping fees, permits, or passes required at Hurricane Cliffs.

Important: Most of the campsites depicted above are additionally governed by city ordinances, primarily the towns of La Verkin and Virgin. Both towns allow dispersed camping on BLM land, but not outside of BLM land. See “Campsite Located Within City Boundaries” below.

Hurricane Cliffs Camping Rules

The following set of rules comes directly from the information kiosks at Hurricane Cliffs Recreation Area…

  • Camping in this area is allowed in designated campsites only.
  • Occupancy is limited to 14-days in a 28-day period within a 30-mile radius
  • Campsites are first-come, first-served, and cannot be reserved or saved
  • Commercial camping operations (i.e. Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) are prohibited
  • Campfires allowed in steel fire rings only; never leave a fire unattended
  • Disposal of trash, garbage, refuse, or waste is prohibited
  • Draining or dumping sewage or petroleum products is prohibited
  • Operation or use of any audio device or other noise producing device or motorized equipment that makes unreasonable noise that disturbs other visitors is prohibited
  • Property unattended for more than 24 hours in a day use area or 72 hours in any other areas is subject to removal
  • Discharge or use of firearms, other weapons, or fireworks is prohibited
  • Destruction of public property by defacing, damaging, removing, or altering archaeological sites, artifacts, fossils, vegetation, and wildlife; or any other act of vandalism is prohibited

Minimum Impact Camping

Information kiosks at Hurricane Cliffs also make the following recommendations…

  • Camp, wash dishes, and yourself, at least 200 feet from any water source
  • Keep campsites small by focusing activity where vegetation is absent
  • Consider using self-contained toilets instead of disposing human waste onsite
  • If disposing solid human waste onsite, deposit waste in shallow holes 6 to 8 inches deep, at least 200 feet from any water source, camp, or trail. Cover hole.
  • Pack out all trash, including toilet paper
  • Do not build structures, furniture, or dig trenches
  • Keep night lighting to a minimum
  • During rainy weather, choose campsites close to a main road to avoid creating wheel ruts
hurricane cliffs campsite
Campsite #38, Hurricane Cliffs, UT

Campsites Located Within City Boundaries

Several of the 56 designated campsites noted in the map above are located within city boundaries…

  • Sites 13-48 and 55-56 are located within Town of Virgin.
  • Sites 49-54 are located with City of La Verkin.
  • Sites 1-12 are not located in a city or town.

Town of Virgin: The town allows for dispersed camping on public lands, as long as it’s on federal or state managed land (such as BLM). If you’re camping on lands owned by the town, you must first obtain a permit. See excerpt below…


A. Camping on public lands is permitted under the regulations set forth by the governing body that manages the property.
B. Camping on lands managed and controlled by Virgin Town is by a permit that is issued by town staff.
C. Camping on Public Right of ways is prohibited.

Adopted by Ord. 2019-12 on 7/17/2019

City of La Verkin: The city has a similar law as with the Town of Virgin…

P.   Camping Or Sleeping Overnight: Camping or sleeping overnight on any Municipally owned or controlled property is prohibited without advance written permission from the City Administrator or Parks Director.

Our Advice for Camping at Hurricane Cliffs Recreation Area

  • Hurricane Cliffs campsites fill up quickly. It’s best to arrive between Monday to Thursday, and from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Outside of those days and hours, it’s going to be tough getting into one of the 56 official campsites.
  • If all sites are full, and you think you want to try your luck camping outside of a designated site, then do so in the lower area (campsites 1-48). This is because the City of LaVerkin is much more diligent about enforcing its camping rules where campsites #49-54 are located.


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