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Gooseberry Mesa camping is available in two options, dispersed camping, and yurt rentals. Dispersed camping, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), is the favored option for most because it offers numerous sites for free. Yurt rentals is offered by a private operator, but offers spectacular canyon views and amazing sunsets.

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Free Camping   Gooseberry Mesa Yurts   Trailhead

Free camping areas marked above are not official BLM areas, they are just places that where dispersed camping meets BLM regulations.

Gooseberry Mesa Dispersed Camping

The BLM does allow boondocking and dispersed camping throughout much of Gooseberry Mesa. However, because the area was designed for hiking and bicycling, expect a lot of people and trail riders passing by. It’s recommended to camp along the east side of the main road through Gooseberry.

  • Utah BLM’s statewide 14-day maximum camping stay applies.
  • Download Utah BLM’s “Dispersed Camping Guide” for additional rules.

Gooseberry Mesa camping requires a lot of bumpy driving. The main artery leading into the area is heavily washboarded, requiring a 3.6 mile stretch of bone jarring, cabinet rattling, and screw loosening drive for most RVers. It’s better suited for small rigs, vans, and SUVs.

Gooseberry Mesa Yurts

There are four (4) yurts available for rental under a private operator. The yurts are located on state-owned land, and not under BLM management…

  • Gooseberry Mesa Yurts are available for much of the year, except for July and August when temperatures are too hot.
  • Yurts are furnished with bunk beds, wood burning stove, seating and table. There is no running water, but there is a pit toilet shared by all yurts.
  • Reserve a yurt, or learn more at: Gooseberry Mesa Yurts.

Town of Apple Valley

Shaded white in the map above, the Town of Apple Valley has not addressed the issue of camping on lands zoned as “Open Space Conservation” (OSC), which includes the land leading up towards Gooseberry Mesa Trailhead. When choosing a campsite, we recommend staying outside of town boundaries. Refer to Apple Valley’s Zoning Ordinance 10.10.070 “Open Space Zone”. Also refer to Apple Valley’s Parcel Map.

gooseberry mesa boondocking
Camping at Gooseberry Mesa

Gooseberry Mesa National Recreation Trail

Gooseberry Mesa is a “National Recreation Trail” designated under the National Trails System Act of 1968.

Located on public lands managed by the BLM, the Gooseberry Mesa NRT was developed in the late 1990’s through cooperative efforts. In 2006, the trail received National Recreation Trail status. The Gooseberry Mesa NRT is designed for technical mountain biking. Singletrack and slickrock wind across the mesa top in a series of interconnected trails bisected by a dirt road. Due to the challenging terrain, this trail system is recommended for mountain bikers and hikers; it is not suitable for equestrians.

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