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North Creek starts inside the Town of Virgin, UT, running alongside Kolob Terrace Rd, until it leaves town and continues north. Dispersed camping here lies about 20 minutes to the west of Zion National Park’s west entrance. We put together this North Creek dispersed camping map to help people find free camping and boondocking near Zion National Park.

This map depicts all the popular boondocking and free camping locations along North Creek and Kolob Terrace Rd…

Campsites depicted in the map above are not official campsites designated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). They are simply locations where people often boondock or disperse camp, and where the BLM and Town of Virgin has historically allowed camping to continue.

There are no camping fees, permits, or passes required to camp along North Creek.

North Creek Dispersed Camping Areas

Kolob Terrace Rd is paved all the way into the north section of Zion National Park. There are dozens of sites along the way…

  • North Creek Dispersed Areas – There are two areas along the creek large enough for bigger RVs.
  • Kolob Dispersed Area – This is located towards the southern half of the road, along the creek, but within the Town of Virgin’s boundaries.
  • Virgin BMX Track – This refers to the land immediately south of the BMX Track entrace. The track itself is on private property, but south of the entrance is BLM land. This is located within the Town of Virgin’s boundaries.
  • Kolob Road West – Sites located along the west side of Kolob road are generally smaller in size, but may still be large enough to accommodate small to medium sized RVs. Most of these sites may require 4WD due to rocks, ruts, or soft dirt.
  • Kolob Road North – There are sites further north within BLM boundaries where people often camp.

North Creek Camping Rules

The BLM has not set any specific camping rules for areas along North Creek and Kolob Terrace Rd. Utah BLM rules apply (download official document)

  • There is a 14-day camping limit while occupying any campsite on BLM-managed lands.
  • Only travel on designated routes. Check with local offices for off-roading information.
  • Camp only in previously disturbed sites or areas.
  • Do not dispersed camp in the vicinity of developed recreation sites such as picnic areas,
  • campgrounds or trailheads. Do not camp in livestock watering areas.
  • Do not trench, dig or level your site. Do not cut tree limbs to fit your tent or trailer.
  • Pack out all trash.
north creek camping, virgin utah
Camping at North Creek Dispersed Area, Virgin, UT, Photo by ookevin

Town of Virgin Camping Rules

Some of the commonly camped-in areas along North Creek fall within the boundaries of Town of Virgin. The town allows for camping as long as there is another government agency managing that land. As long you remain on BLM land, you “theoretically” should experience no problems. Chapter 8.56 of the town’s municipal code states


A. Camping on public lands is permitted under the regulations set forth by the governing body that manages the property.
B. Camping on lands managed and controlled by Virgin Town is by a permit that is issued by town staff.
C. Camping on Public Right of ways is prohibited.

Adopted by Ord. 2019-12 on 7/17/2019

Campfire Rules

Utah BLM offers the following recommendations for campfires while dispersed camping…

  • Be aware of any current fire restrictions listed on
  • Use existing fire rings or use a fire pan.
  • Collect only dead and down wood; do not cut limbs.
  • Do not leave fires unattended.
  • Drown and stir your campfire before you go to bed or leave your site.

Our Advice for Camping along North Creek / Kolob Terrace Rd

  • Boondocking sites along this area fill up quickly. It’s best to arrive between Monday to Thursday, and from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Outside of those days and hours, it’s going to be a challenge finding a site.
  • Larger rigs are advised to camp at either Virgin BMX Track, Kolob Dispersed Area, or North Creek Dispersed Area, otherwise you may not be able to find a place to turn around.

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