Free Camping at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge

Vehicle-based camping at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge is allowed only in the two campgrounds found within its boundaries. Both located off the Alaska Highway, these campgrounds are easy to access for any vehicle, and both...

Free Camping at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Both RV and tent camping at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is allowed throughout most of the area. Vehicles cannot drive off-road and must park in either developed campgrounds provided by the Refuge, or in previously-used campsites...

Is Dispersed Camping Allowed in Denali National Park?

No, dispersed camping is not allowed in Denali National Park. The National Park Service restricts all camping to its six (6) developed campgrounds. Three (3) of those campgrounds are open to cars, vans, and RVs. The other three are...

Alaska Rest Area Rules

Delve into the intricacies of Alaska rest area rules, and learn essential insights into overnight stays at rest areas in Alaska. Navigate the specific guidelines that govern these serene stops, ensuring a smooth and compliant experience during your travels through the breathtaking landscapes of the Last Frontier.

Camping on Alaska State Trust Land

Camping is permitted on all Alaska State Trust lands, but only through the purchase of a "Land Permit". Permits are issued for single day, week, month, or an entire year. Note that camping is limited to just 14 days per site, even if you purchased a month or year permit. You must move your camp at least 2 miles from your previous site.