Vernita Bridge Water Access Site

Vernita Bridge, Mattawa, WA Dispersed camping close to Tri-Cities, WA can be found on the north side of Vernita Bridge, about 20 miles west of Richland. The bridge crosses the Columbia River just outside of Hanford Reach National Monument. As such, this unique campground and boat launch offers close proximity to the famed nuclear power visitor center, ... Read more

South Loop Trailhead, Fishtrap Lake, WA

Fishtrap Recreation Area, Miller Ranch, Washington If you’re looking a place to camp with your RV for free, Fishtrap Recreation Area does NOT offer much. The few parking lots it offers are the only places to set up an RV or trailer. Although, if you want to pitch a tent, there are plenty of nice ... Read more

Washington State Rest Area Map

The Washington State rest area map presented below was compiled from data published by the Washington State Department of Transportation on September 30, 2023. These are all of the official WSDOT "safety rest areas".

A Guide to Boondocking in Washington

Boondocking in Washington! Boondocking in Washington is found mostly on BLM lands in the eastern half of the state as well as in the state’s seven national forests. There are also free camping opportunities along the Columbia Gorge and within many of the state’s wildlife management areas and fishing access sites. Washington Boondocking Map This ... Read more

Is Nude Camping Illegal in Washington?

No, in general terms, nude camping is not illegal in Washington State. In fact, it is not illegal to be naked at all in public places. Washington State has some of the more liberal laws when it comes to public nudity. However, there...

Olympic National Forest, Camping Rules

These official rules and regulations for camping at Olympic National Forest were gathered from Orders issued by the Supervisor of Olympic National Forest, along with information published by the U.S. Forest Service, and from...

5 Dispersed Camping Sites in Olympic National Forest

Dispersed camping (or boondocking) is allowed inside Olympic National Forest. The forest allows camping just about anywhere and everywhere within its boundaries, though certain areas come with certain restrictions. Below are five of the most popular places for dispersed camping and free camping...

Camping on Washington State Trust Lands

The State of Washington allows camping on its state trust lands, but only on areas that they have designated specifically for such use. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages these lands, and are in charge of operating these specific areas.

Washington State Rest Area Rules

Is overnight parking permitted at a Washington State Rest Area? How many hours can you stay at a Washington State Rest Area? Is camping permitted at a Washington State Rest Area?