8 Mile Road, Lake Mead, NV

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

National Park Service

Free Camping on Lake Mead, NV

8 Mile Road is a part of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, managed by the National Park Service. It’s a more rugged and scenic environment for primitive campers, with varying experiences based on the season and individual preferences. The off-road nature offers a more secluded camping experience while still keeping close to the nightlife of Las Vegas.


Lake Mead National Recreation Area

National Park Service

Lake Mead NRA Office:

Tel: (702) 293-8990


GPS: 36.13609, -114.82268

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: A park entrance fee of $25.00 per vehicle, free with Interagency Pass

Max Stay: 15 days, after which you must move at least 1/2 mile away before returning to the same spot.

Amenities: Trash cans

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8 Mile Road, Lake Mead, NV

How Crowded: The level of crowding at 8 Mile Road varies based on the season. During the off-season, particularly in October and December, the area remains relatively sparse. However, the closer you get to the water, the more crowded it gets.

How Noisy or Peaceful: The level of noise at 8 Mile Road depends on factors like proximity to other campers and the season. Off-peak times can be relatively quiet. However, occasional noise, especially party sounds from nearby Government Wash, may be audible from a distance. The presence of coyotes adds a natural element to the soundscape.

Cellular Phone Signal: Cellular phone signal strength is generally robust at 8 Mile Road, with positive experiences reported for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Road Conditions: Access to 8 Mile Road involves navigating a bumpy, washboard-style road with loose gravel. High clearance, 4WD is recommended. While the road may be challenging, especially beyond the first mile, it offers breathtaking views. While larger trailers are not recommended, others have been able to rely on their skills towing in fifth-wheels.

Amenities Within Campground: The campground offers a primitive camping experience with limited amenities. There are no toilets within the camping area, but dumpsters near the entrance provide a means for waste disposal. Fire rings made of stacked rocks are everywhere.

Cost of Camping: While some campers express surprise at the $25 park entrance fee, it’s free if you show your Interagency Pass, Access Pass, Senior Pass, or National Parks Pass. If you plan to stay here for several days, you can also purchase one of these passes at the gate.

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