Kingman Wash, Lake Mead, NV

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

National Park Service

Free Camping on Lake Mead, NV

Kingman Wash is a part of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, managed by the National Park Service. Nestled near Hoover Dam, the primitive camping area boasts breathtaking views but comes with its set of challenges. The 3-mile dirt road, though scenic, is bumpy and rough, necessitating cautious driving. It gets crowded and noisy during weekends.


Lake Mead National Recreation Area

National Park Service

Lake Mead NRA Office:

Tel: (702) 293-8990


GPS: 36.03627, -114.70960

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: $25.00 per vehicle, free with Interagency Pass

Max Stay: 15 days, after which you must move at least 1/2 mile away before returning to the same spot.

Amenities: None

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Kingman Wash, Lake Mead, NV

Crowding: It can be a great stopover for a night, and it can be peaceful during the week, but on weekends it gets crowded here. while others caution about potential congestion, especially during peak times. Day visitors are a common sight.

Noise Levels: Noise levels fluctuate based on the time of day. While daytime activities, such as fishing and paddling, can bring some clamor, the nights are generally quiet, offering a peaceful environment for campers. However, occasional disturbances from passing vehicles or gatherings might be expected.

Cellular Phone Signal: Cellular phone service is reliable in the area. Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T all come in good here.

Road Conditions: The dirt road leading to Kingman Wash is washboarded, uneven, and sometimes challenging, particularly in sections with steep drops. 4WD is recommended though many have taken 2WD vehicles into here.

Amenities: Basic amenities include vault toilets, although their locations have shifted due to fluctuating water levels in Lake Mead. The campground lacks formal camping sites, allowing campers to choose spots. Despite the absence of designated sites, opportunities for recreational activities, such as hiking, swimming, and kayaking, abound in the vicinity.

Cleanliness: The presence of trash is common but it depends. Sometimes there’s a lot of trash, but other times it’s fairly clean.

Insects and Bugs: Bugs and flying insects are not overly bothersome. The proximity to the water and desert landscape does bring encounters with wildlife, including burros and coyotes, but these seem to enhance the camping experience rather than pose a nuisance.

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