High Island Beach, Texas

High Island Beach

County of Galveston, TX

Free Camping on the Texas Shore

High Island Beach is a free beach area that once was home to several beach-front residences. In September 2008, Hurricane Ike wiped out all the homes and eroded much of the beach into the Gulf. Highway 87 once ran through this beach, and today, remnants of the highway can still be seen in the water.


High Island Beach

County of Galveston, TX

County of Galveston

Tel: (409) 934-8103


GPS: 29.5499, -94.3878

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: Unknown

Amenities: Trash cans, porta-potty

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High Island Beach

The entrance to the beach is guarded by a single porta-potty, otherwise it remains open to the public. There is trash found lying everywhere, and homeless people use this beach as their temporary residence. However, it remains a popular destination for local families and fishermen.

While Galveston County’s GIS system still shows this beach as being subdivided into privately-owned lots, there are no more homes or structures. the old Highway 87 that used to run along the beach has since eroded away and is now technically underwater.

The sand is well packed at the entrance to the beach, but gets soft as head further east, and 4WD will be required. The beach is too narrow for a medium or large RV, it’s best suited for vans, SUVs, and truck campers.

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