Job Beason Park, Anahuac, TX

Job Beason Park

County of Chambers, TX

Free Camping Near Houston, Texas

This small park is largely a boat ramp with a large parking lot. There is a small playground, and a large pavilion, but all camping is limited to grassy areas, and only areas where the grass is thin, or in previously-used camping areas. Camping is by permit only, and the permit is free.


Job Beason Park

County of Chambers, TX

County Office

Tel: (409) 267-2718


GPS: 29.6559, -94.6913

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: Yes

Max Stay: Three (3) days

Amenities: Playground, boat ramp, trash cans, pavilion

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Job Beason Park

To get a camping permit, contact the County at the phone number listed above, and then e-mail them a photo of your driver’s license. They will e-mail you back a permit. You definitely will want this permit because the local Sheriff’s deputies patrol this park regularly, and will check for your permit.

The County will tell you to park anywhere you want, but do not park on the grass. However, the grass is the only available place to park, except for the boat trailer spaces in the parking lot. However, there are a few places on the grass where the grass is thin, and that’s effectively where you’re expected to set up camp.

Otherwise, in our experience, Job Beason Park is not a desirable place to camp because campsites are not defined, and there are no shade trees, and no sense of privacy. We found that parking your RV or van in the boat ramp parking lot just because it’s much more level.

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