Olivia Haterius Park

Olivia Haterius Park

County of Calhoun, TX

Free Camping on Matagorda Bay, TX

This is a small boat ramp and parking lot with picnic tables and trash cans. There is a sign stating that camping is limited to five days, without mention of fees. Vehicles are not allowed on the grass, but tents are still allowed. Otherwise, RVs and vehicles must camp on the dirt, or in the parking lot, as long as it doesn't block traffic.


Olivia Haterius Park

County of Calhoun, TX

Calhoun County Precinct #3

Tel: (361) 893-5346


GPS: 28.6363, -96.4561

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: Five days

Amenities: Picnic tables, trash cans, cooking grills, boat ramp, playground

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Olivia Haterius Park

Even though there is a maximum five (5) day camping limit here, the park is small enough that you may find yourself wanting to leave after a night or two, just because your motorhome or trailer will end up blocking parking access for pickup trucks with boat trailers.

Otherwise, camping here appears to be have been intended for tents.

Note that Calhoun County has a set of rules for its public parks, and among them is a rule stating that…

All vehicles, travel trailers, boat trailers, flat bed trailers, utility trailers, RVs, motor homes shall be parked in designated areas only and in a matter perpendicular to the shoreline by other park visitors.

In this case, if you plan to camp in your motorhome or trailer at Olivia Haterius Park, the only place you can legally do that without blocking the flow of traffic, is at the east end of the park, where Highway 172 turns right into Haterius Park Ln.

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