Sam Forse Collins Recreation Area

Toledo Bend Reservoir

Sabine River Authority of Texas

Free Camping on Toledo Bend Reservoir

This free campground and picnic area is operated by Sabine River Authority of Texas. It offers numerous picnic tables, cooking grills, a restroom facility, hot showers, and playground for kids. There's a swimming beach here, and plenty of trash cans. A convenience store is only a mile away,


Toledo Bend Reservoir

Sabine River Authority of Texas

River Authority Office

Tel: (409) 565-2273


GPS: 31.1653, -93.5783

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: Four (4) days

Amenities: Restroom, picnic tables, cooking grills, kids playground, swimming beach, trash cans, group pavilion

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Sam Forse Collins Recreation Area

One of the nicer campgrounds and picnic areas along Toledo Bend Reservoir, this recreation area is located at the very southern end of the reservoir, just west of the dam. Though small in size, it makes up for it in modern amenities, plenty of picnic tables and trash cans, and a clean restroom facility.

This place gets fully packed with weekend crowds, so expect to hear a lot of noise running through the night. Otherwise, you’re better off getting here between Monday and Thursday.

The River Authority polices this campground routinely, about once every two hours. From our experience, despite the weekend crowds, things remain civil and the grounds remain clean.

Camping is mostly done with tends on the grass. You can, however, camp in your motorhome or trailer, you’ll just have to park it in such a way as to let traffic through. Due to the heavy crowds here, this campground is not really conducive to large rigs, though large rigs can easily navigate through here and get out if every space is taken.

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