Tailrace Channel Recreation Area

Toledo Bend Reservoir

Sabine River Authority of Texas

Free Camping on the Sabine River

This small recreation serves primarily as a boat ramp and fishing area, however the Sabine River Authority of Texas says that primitive camping is allowed here, but only for self-contained visitors, which we understand to mean vehicles with their own black and gray tanks. The only amenities here are trash cans.


Toledo Bend Reservoir

Sabine River Authority of Texas

River Authority Office

Tel: (409) 565-2273


GPS: 31.1658, -93.5567

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: Unknown

Amenities: Trash cans, boat ramp

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Tailrace Channel Recreation Area

Largely an unknown recreation and camping area, Tailrace Channel is limited in its capacity to accommodate large RVs due to its lack of turn-around areas. That is, there is actually a place to turnaround, but if people are camped at that area, then you may find yourself driving in reverse back to the bridge.

Otherwise, it’s better suited for small to medium sized rigs, vans, and tent campers.

In our experience, what makes Tailrace Channel a plus for camping is the sound of rapids from Sabine River. Leaving your windows open (assuming you have screens to keep the bugs out) makes for a great white-noise to put you to sleep.

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