Black Canyon Campground – Lower, Mimbres, NM

This is a free, developed campground offered by Gila National Forest. It has three picnic tables, though vehicles with tents could pick out nearby locations if all sites are full. The road up here is rocky and bumpy requiring a high-clearance vehicle, though 4WD is not necessary except during rainy weather.

Black Canyon Campground – Upper, Mimbres, NM

This is a developed campground offered for free by Gila National Forest. There are only two picnic tables here, though that doesn't mean it's limited to just two sets of campers. Still, it's a small campground, though it offers a lot of peace and quiet due to being located far away from town.

Rocky Canyon Campground, Mimbres, NM

This is a developed campground offered for free by Gila National Forest with only a handful of campsites. 4WD with high clearance is required to drive up here, and would not advise towing a trailer unless its has high clearance and is designed for rocky, bumpy roads.

Comfort Well Dispersed Camping Area, Mimbres, NM

This is a boondocking area, not otherwise designated by Gila National Forest officials, but permitted for camping. It's a large enough area to accommodate 12-20 campers, including full-sized RVs. Most of the roads through here are firm-enough for any vehicle. There are no amenities here, it's purely boondocking here.

Sapillo Campground, Mimbres, NM

This is mostly a designated dispersed camping area, though it does have a vault toilet, and there are a few fire rings. Otherwise, there are no designated campsites, it's all dispersed camping. The area is large enough for several full-sized RVs, all on mostly hard-packed ground, and somewhat level.