Oyster Lake Park, Collegeport, TX

This small fishing park is located at the bridge separating Matagorda Bay with Oyster Lake. It's too small for large trailers and motorhomes, and better suited for vans, truck campers, and small trailers. There are no amenities here, not even trash cans.

Carl Park, Palacios, TX

This county park is located on the Tres Palacios River, below the FM 521 bridge, about two miles north of where it empties into Tres Palacios Bay and the greater Matagorda Bay. The park was set up for fishermen and boaters, and include a boat ramp and a boardwalk.

West Mooring Dock Park

This moring, park, and boat ramp is owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers, but maintained by the County of Matagorda. It's used mostly as a parking lot for weekend beach goers, but is also popular with local teens and their cars late at night. It's also used by travelers as an overnight rest.

Sargent Beach Park

Also known as "Chamber Park", this is the parking lot for a small stretch of beach. The lot is owned by the County of Matagorda, while the beach adjacent to it is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers. The parking lot offers a restroom along with picnic tables and trash cans.