Learn about camping and boondocking in Texas

White’s Park Arena Campground

This campground is part of the White's Park Rodeo Arena, originally intended to support rodeo participants and their living quarters horse trailers. It has since been taken over by full time RVers. There are no hookups, but it comes with picnic tables, trash cans, and a restroom facility.

Spring Creek Park Campground

This county park offers eight (8) RV campsites, fore free, with full hookups, including 50-30-20 electric, potable water, and sewer. However, you must make reservations to get a space, and as you might guess, there is a waiting list to get these spaces, and the reservation must be placed at least 10 business days in advance.

Tailrace Channel Recreation Area

This small recreation serves primarily as a boat ramp and fishing area, however the Sabine River Authority of Texas says that primitive camping is allowed here, but only for self-contained visitors, which we understand to mean vehicles with their own black and gray tanks. The only amenities here are trash cans.

Bubba Cowser Recreation Area

This small recreation area is largely a boat ramp and some parking for trucks and trailers. However, there are a couple of picnic tables here with trash cans, and there are no signs stating that camping is prohibited. Moreover, the Sabine River Authority of Texas says this recreation area is free.

Swede Johnson Recreation Area

This small campground and boat launch area is operated by Sabine River Authority of Texas. It's a free campground that also happens to be in the North Toledo Bend Wildlife Management Area and co-jointly managed by Texas Department of Wildlife and Parks. It has covered picnic tables, trash cans, cooking grills, boat ramp, and fishing deck.

Sam Forse Collins Recreation Area

This free campground and picnic area is operated by Sabine River Authority of Texas. It offers numerous picnic tables, cooking grills, a restroom facility, and playground for kids. There's a swimming beach here, and plenty of trash cans. A convenience store is only a mile away,

Hunter Park, Granbury, TX

This small park has a campground lined up along the lakeshore. You can park your motorhome or trailer along the street, against the curb, and enjoy the cooking grills and picnic tables under the oak trees. There is a restroom facility along with porta-potties, garbage dumpsters, and a boat ramp.

Thorp Spring Park, Granbury, TX

This little park operated by Brazos River Authority doubles as a campground even though it doesn't appear to be a campground. It's more commonly known as a parking lot for a soccer field. The only amenities are trash cans, a restroom facility, a porta-potty, a boat ramp, and a fishing pier.

De Cordova Bend Park, Granbury, TX

Operated by the Brazos River Authority as a campground and picnic area, De Cordova Bend Park is a popular area where local families go for weekend campouts. Appointed with picnic tables, restroom facility, boat ramp, trash cans, and fishing pier, expect to find this crowded on weekends, with parties going well into the night.

Pleasure Point Park, Winnsboro, TX

Pleasure Point Park lies at the end of a peninsula at the south-west portion of the lake. It's owned by Wood County and was originally intended as a day-use area for fishermen, but has since been used by full time road nomads as an overnight or weekend stay. There are picnic tables here and trash cans, but not much else.