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AAC R12-8-111. Camping


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Arizona Administrative Code, Title 12 – Natural Resources, Chapter 8 – Arizona State Parks Board, Article 1 – General Provisions

Synopsis: These regulations from the Arizona State Parks Board defines rules for camping inside Arizona State Parks.

R12-8-111. Camping

A. Camping is permitted only in a designated camping unit.

B. Except when camping at a Board-approved concession area within a state park, a person using a camping unit shall not:

1. Camp in a state park for more than 15 days within a 30-day period unless authorized by the Director;
2. Camp in a state park for more than 29 days within a 45-day period that is posted as a long-term stay period unless authorized by the Director;
3. Leave an occupied camping unit unattended overnight without written permission from the Director; or
4. Allow the number of persons occupying a camping unit or the number of vehicles in the camping unit to exceed the limits posted at the entrance to the state park or camping unit.
C. A camping unit is considered occupied after the use fee is paid and the camper establishes a conspicuous presence. A person shall not occupy a camping unit in violation of instructions from the Director or if there is reason to believe that the camping unit is occupied by another camper. D. A Park Ranger shall allow the occupants of a single vehicle to register for more than one camping unit only if the number of occupants exceeds the posted occupancy limit for the camping unit. E. A person shall pay the fee for a permit to use a camping unit on a per-day basis. Payment authorizes use of the camping unit until 2:00 p.m. on the day the permit expires. F. A person shall remove all personal property from a camping unit by 2:00 p.m. on the day that a permit expires or purchase an additional permit if eligible under subsection (B).

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