Arizona Camping Laws and Regulations

Learn about camping and boondocking in Arizona

Arizona Camping Laws and Regulations


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All the laws and regulations within the State of Arizona that pertain to camping, campfires, and other activities associated with camping, including overnight parking…

Arizona Revised Statutes

Arizona Revised Statutes are the general laws of Arizona as enacted by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor.

Title 13 – Criminal Code

§13-1402. Indecent exposure; exception; classification – Makes nude camping illegal if others are close enough to see you.

§13-1706. Burning of wildlands; exception; classification – States that setting fire to wildlands is illegal, except in cases of campfires for cooking and heating.

Title 17 – Game and Fish

§17-101. Definitions – Defines the term, “statewide” for context for all laws codified under Title 17 Game and Fish.

§17-301.01. Protection from wildlife – Allows persons to kill wildlife in self-defense.

§17-308. Unlawful camping – Defines the maximum camping setback from water bodies and man-made watering containers.

Title 28 – Transportation

§28-873. Stopping, standing or parking prohibitions; exceptions; definition – Prohibits parking a vehicle for any length of time in a variety of situations, including along the side of a highway or Interstate (see Part A, 15), except for places designated for parking (rest areas, et al)

§28-1171. Definitions – Defines the term “off-highway vehicle” which includes any vehicle powered by an engine, including cars, RVs, vans, etc.

§28-1174. Operation restrictions; violation; classification – Prohibits an off-highway vehicle from being driven off of a road that causes damage to plants and animal habitats.

Arizona Administrative Code

Arizona Administrative Code are the rules and policies adopted by individual state agencies in Arizona, designed to add more detail to the Arizona Revised Statutes, and also have the power of law.

Title 12, Chapter 8 – Arizona State Parks Board

R12-8-101. Definitions – Defines various words and phrases applicable to rules established by Arizona State Parks Board

R12-8-111 Camping – Defines maximum length of stay for camping in a state park campground, and other related rules.

R12-8-112 Campfires – Defines basic rules for setting campfires within a state park.

R12-8-124. Disorderly Conduct – Defines and prohibits disorderly conduct at a state park.

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