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AAC R12-8-124. Disorderly Conduct


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Arizona Administrative Code, Title 12 – Natural Resources, Chapter 8 – Arizona State Parks Board, Article 1 – General Provisions

Synopsis: This regulation applies only to Arizona State Parks, prohibiting behavior that disturbs or offends other park visitors and campers. It also bans the discharge of deadly weapons.

R12-8-124. Disorderly Conduct

A. A person shall not engage in disorderly conduct within a state park.

B. Within a state park, a person shall not knowingly disturb the peace of an area or another person, make unreasonable noise, engage in violent behavior, use provocative language or gestures, or recklessly handle, display, or discharge a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.

C. A person shall not use a loudspeaker in a state park without first obtaining from the Director a special use permit that authorizes the use of a loudspeaker.

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