Best Vehicles for Boondocking

Learn what the best vehicles for boondocking in, including what are the best RVs for boondocking, the best vans for boondocking, and the best travel trailers.

Are e-Bikes Allowed on Federal Lands?

Yes, e-Bikes are allowed on just about all federal recreation lands including National Parks, National Forests, National Monuments, Wildlife Refuges, and so on. The only federal recreation lands where e-bikes still have not been addressed are Army Corps of Engineers projects.

Is Boondocking Feasible for a Class A RV with Toad?

Yes, there are plenty of boondocking areas with well-graded roads, wide turns, and solid ground for heavy rigs pulling a vehicle in tow. There is no tried-and-true formula for finding these areas, though most boondocking sites...

Will a Larger Trailer Limit Our Boondocking Choices?

Yes, technically speaking, a larger and longer trailer will definitely limit your ability to find boondocking sites just because of the longer length and taller height. However, because there is still so much boondocking...

Is Boondocking in a Fifth Wheel Feasible?

Boondocking in a fifth wheel is feasible depending on your skill level towing a fifth wheel trailer and where you plan to tow it. Assuming you want a larger trailer for boondocking, a fifth wheel trailer also comes with more...

Best Motorcycle For Camping

The best motorcycle for camping generally falls into one of two trains of thought... spending most of your travel on pavement and enjoying a weekend at a campground, versus enjoying a lot of off-road terrain exploring wilderness and setting up camp in the backcountry. Each side warrants a different type of motorcycle. Even if you're a little bit of both, you might want to take our considerations

What is the Difference Between Three Season and Four Season RVs?

There is no real difference between a "Three Season RV" and a "Four Season RV". Moreover, the terms themselves are an irony because all RVs can be used during any season of the year, as long as you move it to warmer weather...

Campervan Versus Trailer for Boondocking

Which is better for boondocking, a campervan versus a trailer? Campervans, otherwise known as Class B RVs and Class B Vans, are very popular as boondocking vehicles, particularly those who prefer to keep moving. On the other hand, a trailer is better for boondocking if you prefer to remained camped in one place for a longer period.

Are Toy Haulers Better for Boondocking Than Travel Trailers?

Generally speaking, yes... toy haulers are better for boondocking than travel trailers. This is because toy haulers are designed to carry more weight than travel trailers, making them more sturdy for towing across dirt, sand, rocks, and mud.

What is the Best RV for Boondocking?

The best RV for boondocking is a small to medium-sized trailer. This is because most full-time boondockers want an RV that they can leave unattended and then drive their pickup truck into town for supplies. Most boondockers also...

Are Airstream Trailers Better for Boondocking?

No, Airstream Trailers are not better for boondocking than most other trailers, but they're still a pretty good boondocking trailer. It's not that Airstream Trailers are better suited for boondocking, they are about as reliable (or unreliable) as many other trailer brands on the market. But there are...