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Oklahoma Rest Area Map

Oklahoma Rest Area Map


The following map of rest areas, picnic areas, welcome centers, and service plazas were sourced from the State of Oklahoma’s official road map.

For rules about overnight parking at these rest areas, please refer to, “Oklahoma Rest Area Rules“.

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Turnpike Service Plazas   Rest Areas & Picnic Areas

Types of Rest Areas in Oklahoma

Rest Area – a parking area along a highway with restrooms, intended for temporary rest or overnight parking. May or may not have picnic tables.

Picnic Area – a parking area along a highway, with NO restrooms. Has the same rules for rest areas, and overnight parking is allowed.

Welcome Centers – a rest area that includes an information kiosk usually with maps and brochures. Overnight parking is allowed.

Parking Area – a parking area usually along Interstates, with no restrooms, no picnic tables. Has the same rules for rest areas. Overnight parking is allowed.

Service Plazas – Located exclusively along turnpikes, includes gas station, convenience store, and fast food restaurant. Overnight parking is allowed. For more about service plazas, see, “Is Overnight Parking Allowed on Oklahoma Turnpikes“.

More About Overnighting at Rest Areas & Truck Stops

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