De Cordova Bend Park, Granbury, TX

Lake Granbury

Brazos River Authority

Free Camping on Lake Granbury, Texas

Operated by the Brazos River Authority as a campground and picnic area, De Cordova Bend Park is a popular area where local families go for weekend campouts. Appointed with picnic tables, restroom facility, boat ramp, trash cans, and fishing pier, expect to find this crowded on weekends, with parties going well into the night.


Lake Granbury

Brazos River Authority

River Authority Office

Tel: (817) 573-3212


GPS: 32.3777, -97.6909

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: 10 days in a 30 day period

Amenities: Boat ramp, 14 dedicated boat trailer parking spaces, Courtesy dock, Accessible fishing pier, 21 picnic tables including 8 with awnings, 22 cooking grills, Accessible restrooms, Accessible parking, Designated swimming area, Overnight camping, Free and open year-round. No reservations needed.

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De Cordova Bend Park

There are nine covered picnic tables, and about five more uncovered picnic tables, all of which could double as campsite markers, however there are no rules stating you must camp only these tables. We saw other motorhomes and trailers camped on the grass away from any picnic table, so it’s hard to say there’s any limit as to where you can camp.

The park is easy to get to, it’s all paved road the way in. There’s a Dollar General and a gas station just a couple of miles up.

De Cordova Bend Park is well taken care of, there’s not much trash laying around, though after the weekend rush, you’ll definitely see trash cans filled to the top and plenty of birds taking their pickings. But during the week, it’s much more serene and calm, making for an enjoyable walk with the dog.

Brazos River Authority has published a rule with respect to camping…


A. Camping

Camping at a designated BRA public use area(s) or designated RV site(s) shall only be for a maximum period of ten days during a 30-consecutive-day period. After ten days, the party shall not camp at a BRA public use area or designated RV site at the same reservoir again until an additional 30 days has passed.

Camping in areas not designated for such activity by the BRA is prohibited.

You can read the full set of rules here.

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