Thorp Spring Park, Granbury, TX

Lake Granbury

Brazos River Authority

Free Camping on Lake Granbury, Texas

This little park operated by Brazos River Authority doubles as a campground even though it doesn't appear to be a campground. It's more commonly known as a parking lot for a soccer field. The only amenities are trash cans, a restroom facility, a porta-potty, a boat ramp, and a fishing pier.


Lake Granbury

Brazos River Authority

River Authority Office

Tel: (817) 573-3212


GPS: 32.4739, -97.8143

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: 10 days in a 30 day period

Amenities: Trash cans, restroom facility, porta-potty, boat ramp, fishing pier

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Thorp Spring Park

Nestled within a commercial area of Granbury, TX lies a park and campground operated by Brazos River Authority. All of the camping lies on the north and east sides of the parking lot. You have to pull off into the grass to set up camp. There are a few picnic tables and cooking grills, but these don’t necessarily mark the campsites. You can camp anywhere on the grass.

Adjacent to the park is a series of soccer fields. On weekends, you might find this place packed with cars, kids, and families, and it may get noisy. There are also one or two fulltime RVers who appear to make this park their residence. Based on our experience, they didn’t bother anyone and kept to themselves.

Otherwise, Thorp Spring Park is primarily good for a single night of camping, when you just need a place to get some sleep and move on the next day.

Brazos River Authority has published a rule with respect to camping…


A. Camping

Camping at a designated BRA public use area(s) or designated RV site(s) shall only be for a maximum period of ten days during a 30-consecutive-day period. After ten days, the party shall not camp at a BRA public use area or designated RV site at the same reservoir again until an additional 30 days has passed.

Camping in areas not designated for such activity by the BRA is prohibited.

You can read the full set of rules here.

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