Hunter Park, Granbury, TX

Lake Granbury

Brazos River Authority

Free Camping on Lake Granbury, Texas

This small park has a campground lined up along the lakeshore. You can park your motorhome or trailer along the street, against the curb, and enjoy the cooking grills and picnic tables under the oak trees. There is a restroom facility along with porta-potties, garbage dumpsters, and a boat ramp.


Lake Granbury

Brazos River Authority

River Authority Office

Tel: (817) 573-3212


GPS: 32.4783, -97.7939

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: 10 days in a 30 day period

Amenities: Picnic tables, cooking grills, restrooms, porta-potties, garbage dumpsters, boat ramp, fishing dock

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Hunter Park

Located near the bridge that connects both sides of Granbury, TX, this park is often crowded with picnickers and boaters during the day. On weekends, locals come out to camp, and it gets noisy all through the night.

Otherwise, Hunter Park is a nicer place to stay during the week if you’re a full time RVer looking to settle in for 5 days or less. All camping is along the street underneath the shade of oak trees. There are no hookups, but you are allowed to run your generator as long as it doesn’t bother others.

Because of the overhang of oak trees, large motorhomes and fifth wheels will probably find it difficult to park here. However, there is a section of road without tree overhang.

Brazos River Authority has published a rule with respect to camping…


A. Camping

Camping at a designated BRA public use area(s) or designated RV site(s) shall only be for a maximum period of ten days during a 30-consecutive-day period. After ten days, the party shall not camp at a BRA public use area or designated RV site at the same reservoir again until an additional 30 days has passed.

Camping in areas not designated for such activity by the BRA is prohibited.

You can read the full set of rules here.

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