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Learn about camping and boondocking on lands managed by the National Park Service

Chiriaco Summit Campground

Chiriaco Summit Campground How Crowded: Rarely crowded, almost always plenty of campsites available. How Noisy or Peaceful: Usually very peaceful. Cellular Phone Signal: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, all come in strong here. Road Conditions: hard packed gravel road into the campground and throughout. There is a turnaround at the end. Amenities Within Campground: No amenities. Cost of Camping: Completely free.

Stewarts Point, Lake Mead, NV

Stewart’s Point, Lake Mead, Nevada, Camping Stewart’s Point juts out from the western shore of Overton Arm about six miles north of Echo Bay, and presents a perfect place for boondockers to set up for some breathtaking camping overlooking the waters of Lake Mead. It’s hard to get a bad campsite here, just about anywhere you set up offers a view of the lake. However, there are idyllic places close to the shore where you can watch the reflection of clouds and sky over the glassy waters. When you enter on to Stewart’s Point Rd from Highway 167 the first thing ... Read more

Kingman Wash, Lake Mead, NV

Kingman Wash, Lake Mead, NV Crowding: It can be a great stopover for a night, and it can be peaceful during the week, but on weekends it gets crowded here. while others caution about potential congestion, especially during peak times. Day visitors are a common sight. Noise Levels: Noise levels fluctuate based on the time of day. While daytime activities, such as fishing and paddling, can bring some clamor, the nights are generally quiet, offering a peaceful environment for campers. However, occasional disturbances from passing vehicles or gatherings might be expected. Cellular Phone Signal: Cellular phone service is reliable in the area. Verizon, ... Read more

Crawdad Cove, Lake Mead, NV

Crawdad Cove, Lake Mead, NV Crowdedness: Crawdad Cove offers a mix of seclusion and occasional congestion. While weekdays generally provide tranquility, weekends can see an influx of campers, with some reporting rowdy behavior. For those seeking privacy, opting for midweek visits is advisable. Noise Levels: Noise versus quiet can vary depending on the days of the week and holidays. Some campers enjoy serene surroundings, while others encounter noisy parties, generators, and late-night disturbances. Weekday visits seem to offer a quieter experience. Cellular Phone Signal: Cellular connectivity varies, with mixed reports on signal strength. While some campers experience excellent service for remote work, others ... Read more

8 Mile Road, Lake Mead, NV

8 Mile Road, Lake Mead, NV How Crowded: The level of crowding at 8 Mile Road varies based on the season. During the off-season, particularly in October and December, the area remains relatively sparse. However, the closer you get to the water, the more crowded it gets. How Noisy or Peaceful: The level of noise at 8 Mile Road depends on factors like proximity to other campers and the season. Off-peak times can be relatively quiet. However, occasional noise, especially party sounds from nearby Government Wash, may be audible from a distance. The presence of coyotes adds a natural element to the soundscape. ... Read more

Government Wash, Lake Mead, NV

Government Wash is a part of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, managed by the National Park Service. It’s officially dubbed a “designated undeveloped camping area” by the NPS, where visitors can camp for free with their vehicles. Located just a short drive from Las Vegas, it’s a highly popular boondocking area.

Map of Roadside Campsites at Big Bend National Park

This map of backcountry roadside campsites at Big Bend National Park is based on information published by the National Park Service. It displays the sixty-four (64) designated backcountry campsites for car camping, van camping...

Is Boondocking Allowed in Big Bend National Park?

Yes and no. Boondocking and dispersed camping is not technically allowed in Big Bend National Park. However, the park does have 64 primitive backcountry "roadside campsites". These are effectively what most people refer to as...

Is Dispersed Camping Allowed in Denali National Park?

No, dispersed camping is not allowed in Denali National Park. The National Park Service restricts all camping to its six (6) developed campgrounds. Three (3) of those campgrounds are open to cars, vans, and RVs. The other three are...

A Guide to Boondocking in National Parks

Boondocking in National Parks! Boondocking in national parks is what all dispersed campers would like to do but is practically impossible due to a lack of free campsites and heavy crowds. Otherwise, there are plenty of boondocking sites surrounding national parks, and in cases right up against their borders. Most national parks are surrounded by national forests and BLM lands. National Parks Boondocking Map This National Parks Boondocking Map contains locations of free boondocking and free campgrounds where bloggers and YouTubers have produced detailed reviews. Click on a map marker to access their reviews… [AK] [AL] [AR] [AZ] [CA] [CO] ... Read more