Coldwater Canyon Yellow Post Sites

Front Country Ranger District

San Bernardino National Forest

Free Camping in Lytle Creek, CA

Coldwater Canyon Yellow Post Sites are a series of three (3) campsites, all located along the roadside of Coldwater Canyon Road (Forest Road 3N06A). These sites were designated by the Front Country Ranger District of San Bernardino National Forest as free campsites. Each campsite is restricted to a single party of campers, with no more than eight (8) persons and two vehicles. All sites are first come, first serve, no reservations.


Front Country Ranger District

San Bernardino National Forest

Front County Ranger District

Tel: (909) 382-2790


GPS: 34.2875, -117.5849

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: 14 days in any 30-day period

Amenities: Fire rings, picnic tables

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Coldwater Canyon Yellow Post Sites, San Bernardino NF

Note: All three sites require 4WD to access. Site #17 is large enough for several vehicles, but motorhomes and long trailers are not advised due to severe road conditions.

  • Site #17 is also dubbed, “White Pan Camp”
  • Site #18 is also dubbed, “Coldwater Camp”
  • Site #19 is also dubbed, “Cone Camp”

How Crowded: These sites are very popular during the warmer months. On weekends, these sites are nearly impossible to find unoccupied.

How Noisy or Peaceful: Site #17 offers to most peace because it’s isolated from the other two, and is set back about 100 feet from the road. The other two sites can get noisy due to being popular with party-goers.

Cellular Phone Signal: Verizon comes in strong, uncertain about AT&T and T-Mobile.

Road Conditions: Coldwater Canyon Road (Forest Road 3N06A) requires 4WD and high clearance. You have to cross Lytle Creek bed to get into Coldwater Canyon, then cross Coldwater Creek to get to the first site.

Amenities Within Campground: Just picnic tables and fire rings.

Cost of Camping: It’s free to camp at these sites, first come, first serve.

Campfires: Campfires are allowed during certain times when fire restrictions have been lifted. Otherwise, the entire State of California requires a campfire permit, which are free, and can be obtained online from CalFire Campfire Website.

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