BLM Land

Learn About Boondocking on BLM Land

Boondocking on BLM Land!

Boondocking on BLM Land is a popular way of camping for RVers who want to enjoy nature without the hassle of hookups, fees, or crowds. Boondocking, also known as dry camping, means staying in a place without any amenities or services, such as water, electricity, or sewer. BLM Land, or Bureau of Land Management land, is public land that is managed by the federal government for multiple uses, such as recreation, grazing, mining, and wildlife conservation.

BLM Camping Laws & Regulations

Boondocking on BLM Land is generally allowed for up to 14 days in a 28-day period. However, some BLM state offices and field offices are allowed to set different occupancy limits. Some areas have as little as 3 days while other areas may not have any limits at all. It is important to check with the local BLM office before you set up camp.

boondocking next to a developed blm campground

How Close Can You Camp Next to a BLM Developed Campground?

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) does not currently dictate the minimum camping setback from...

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can you buy blm land

Can You Buy BLM Land?

Yes, you can buy BLM land. The Bureau of Land Management does sell off parcels...

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riding mini bike on blm land

Can I Ride a Gas-Powered Mini Bike on BLM Land?

Yes, you can ride a gas-powered mini bike on BLM land. You will, however, be...

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nudity allowed on blm land

Is Nudity Permitted on BLM Land?

Yes, nudity is permitted on BLM Land. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) does not...

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canadians stay at ltva

Can Canadians Purchase an LTVA Permit?

Yes, Canadians can purchase an LTVA permit. The Bureau of Land Management allows any visitor...

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using a composting toilet at an ltva

Are Composting Toilets Allowed in LTVAs?

Yes, composting toilets are allowed in LTVAs as long as you camp within 500 feet...

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legal to camp anywhere on blm land

Is it Legal to Camp Anywhere on BLM Land?

Yes, for the most part, it is legal to camp anywhere on BLM land. However,...

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blm 14-day camping rule

The BLM 14-Day Rule for Camping Explained

The BLM 14-day rule for camping refers to the maximum number of days for camping...

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blm wilderness area camping

Can You Camp on BLM Wilderness Areas?

Yes, you can camp on BLM wilderness areas. However, vehicles are not allowed. This means...

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google maps blm land

What Color is BLM Land on Google Maps?

Google Maps does not have a color for BLM land. However you can use Google...

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free camping grand staircase escalante national monument

Where Can I Camp on BLM Land?

You can camp just about anywhere on BLM land. The Bureau of Land Management controls...

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boondocking on blm land

How Long Can You Boondock on BLM Land?

14 days is the popular answer to how long you can boondock on BLM land....

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free blm camping

Is BLM Land Free to Camp On?

Yes, nearly all BLM land is free to camp on. The only places that cost...

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living on blm land

Can You Live on BLM Land?

No, you cannot live on BLM land. At least, not at the same campsite. However,...

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driving rv off-road on blm land

Can I Drive My RV Off-Road on BLM Land?

Generally speaking, no you cannot drive your RV off-road on BLM land. You are required...

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snaggletooth primitive rv camp

BLM Camping Rules – How to Camp on BLM Land

BLM camping rules vary depending on the type of BLM land you’re looking at. There...

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blm land in california

What Types of BLM Lands Are There?

The Bureau of Land Management administers the bulk of federally-owned lands in the United States,...

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blm land map

BLM Land Maps – Where to Find Them?

There are currently three primary ways to find BLM Land Maps… BLM Land Maps –...

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blm camping anza borrego

Can I Drive Anywhere on BLM Land?

No, you cannot drive anywhere on BLM land. However, yes, you are allowed to drive...

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hot springs ltva

Boondocking at BLM Long Term Visitor Areas

Boondocking at BLM Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA) remains the best deal for boondockers who...

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blm campground

Is BLM Camping Free?

Yes, most BLM camping is free. Only a handful of developed campgrounds run by the...

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BLM Camping Rules

BLM camping rules vary with each BLM State Office as well as each BLM Field Office. Rules can also change over time based on need and based on changes to BLM office administration.

hot springs ltva

LTVA Rules for Camping

Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA) Rules for camping are established by the Bureau of Land...

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arizona blm land

Arizona BLM Camping Rules

The Arizona BLM camping rules published below were gathered from information published by the Arizona...

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BLM Boondocking Recommendations

Looking for BLM land to boondock on? Try some of these places that we’ve reviewed already…

dispersed camping near lake havasu arizona

Dispersed Camping Near Lake Havasu, AZ

Most dispersed camping near Lake Havasu, AZ is on land managed by the Bureau of...

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dispersed camping near great sand dunes national park

Dispersed Camping Near Great Sand Dunes National Park

Dispersed camping near Great Sand Dunes National Park is available depending on how far away...

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dispersed camping near zion national park

Dispersed Camping Near Zion National Park

Dispersed camping near Zion National Park is plentiful due to the abundance of surrounding BLM...

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blm camping anza borrego

Where to Find BLM Land Near Anza Borrego Desert State Park

There is lots of BLM Land surrounding Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Much of it...

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BLM Boondocking News

Keep up to date with what’s going on with camping on BLM lands…

alabama hills fire

Alabama Hills Now Closed for Boondocking Due to Fire Danger

The very-popular Alabama Hills, a dispersed camping area in the Eastern Sierra Mountains of California,...

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nevada blm photo contest

Nevada BLM Wants Your Boondocking Photos!

Nevada BLM announced yesterday it is asking to public to submit their photos of Nevada...

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